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Bastia Centauri - Teratogenesis
Bastia Centauri – Teratogenesis

So Eibon is getting a taste for it: here’s another dark-ambient project. Of course here we are far from the echoes of the industrial-nihilistic apocalyptic First Human Ferro, with Bestia Centauri we are facing an ambient avant-garde so sizzling to border on surrealism.

It’s over 60-minute journey through space enveloped into suspended sensations that seem to never find peace, as the continuous flow of sound manipulation, pouring and upsetting. Adjoining worlds switching on and off, star-gates that open wide in front our unbelieving senses, always rotating galaxies that seem to swallow any daring remnant twirling in their vicinity.

Teratogenesis is a deadly and menacing shadows, ready to suck you in as you fail glancing over your shoulders, this feeling of immersion never forsakes, like throes of death inflicted by the most patient and ruthless persecuter.

Here is much food for friends who love the more brash avant-garde experimentation, for people who want to themselves be be dragged into thick and threatening liquid given birth by the creature, Bestia Centauri.

For those that can not be influenced by the extreme sonic oddity that can make way for a relentless nightmare.