RPG Backpack

clivo, 2014-03-26

RPG Backpack – Items Categories

RPG Backpack - Items Categories

RPG Backpack 1.10 introduces the ability to order our items within major categories by default: Weapons – Armors – Valuables – Clothing – Tools, which will appear in this order (Image 1). The sixth category, General, has been introduced to collect all the items you do not want to be classified within the other major categories.

Once you have selected an item, you can change the category to which they belong acting on the field introduced in the monograph of the same item (Image 2). Made this change, it will be sufficient to return to the complete list of items (Backpack list) to check the movement of the article in the new category.

If equipment (Backpack) of our PG is very limited, ca… read more

Music Chips

clivo, 2012-12-09

Money for Nothing

Money for Nothing

Money For Nothing video turned out to be absolutely one of the first experiments in the use of the emerging computer graphics for … read more

Swallow Hard

nagash73, 2011-06-11

RUNES ORDER “The Hopeless Days”

RUNES ORDER "The Hopeless Days"

Almost fully instrumental, The Hopeless Day, draws myriad of origami and listening to every nuance it seems to show a different la… read more

RPG Backpack – Backup Options

RPG Backpack - Backup Options

RPG Backpack offers the opportunity to save configurations relating to the equipment of our PGs.

Just go to the home screen of … read more

RPG BACKPACK – Getting started guide

RPG BACKPACK - Getting started guide

RPG Backpack is a free application currently available for Android devices , whose function is to manage a character (PG) in a cla… read more

The time of “Cop Killer”

The time of "Cop Killer"

…rap metal band Body Count came up with the first self-titled album containing the song “Cop Killer”, written in 1990 by singer … read more

No Brown M&M’s !!

No Brown M&M

David Lee Roth and the other band members realized that there were some brown M&M’s in the bowl, contrary to the provisions in t… read more

Remembering the meek Pantera

Remembering the meek Pantera

The causes that led the 25 year-old Nathan Gale to appear armed on stage at the Damageplan concert on December 8, 2004 at Alrosa V… read more

Do it! Do it! Do it!

Do it! Do it! Do it!

…decided to put an end to their lives by shooting a hunting rifle directly to the face. Raymond dies on the spot, James pick up … read more

The Sanctity of the Stage

The Sanctity of the Stage

…Pete said that Hoffman simply violated the “sanctity of the stage”, namely the right of the band to give their best without the… read more



…a kind of symphonic-orchestral reinterpretation of all that the British band conceived and realized in the last 20 years… read more