Human Antithesis
Human Antithesis

If today I were to give a background to the apocalypse, I would not doubt in writing the Void Of Silence by its composition: to be precise I’d take directly Human Antithesis as soundtrack and will embroider my personal destruction film on it.

Reading the book presentation of the disc, I realize that Alan Nemtheanga involved in the project as a vocalist and the presence of the Irish Primordial in this third release of the duo from Rome can only make me great pleasure, knowing how these benefits in its anger, suffering and passion. In fact, precisely these are the ingredients that you can find in 60 minutes of this very precious disk.

The Void Of Silence are now able to mix, with personality and originality, the dark atmosphere almost post-conflict, the doom and atmospheric steps (worthy of the masters My Dying Bride and Unholy), and the martial and black-industrial cadences that in some moments cast me back listening to the dear unforgotten Thorns).

Ban, however, words are wasted and comparisons are too trivial: I recommend you to headlong dive in this maniacal, impressive and nuanced production. If you do not want to tickle the mind, or simply engage in a thorough and customized listening, so… forget the V.O.S, but if you hold and insane hungry for unique and disturbing sounds, then… do like me, just involve an hour of your gray afternoon, draw your own destruction and oblivion scene and devour this album, suspended … timeless. Great.


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