Songs Of Remorse - Stroszek
Songs Of Remorse – Stroszek

Claudio Alcara, guitarist and founder of the italian black metal band named Frostmoon Eclipse, moves away from the sounds of his debut andgives rise to a new creature called Stroszek. Far from the narrow canons of black metal, Claudio can give free rein to his acoustic-folk vein, enveloping the whole duration of the disc (42 minutes) in a melancholic, narrative and rarefied atmosphere.

All the 11 tracks of Songs Of Remorse fluctuate into an after death dimension, imagination can not wriggle out spatially, except in the direction of memories, …in the direction of ‘what could be and was not’. Just this melancholy linked to remorse and applicant memories are the main pillars of the entire work: “A kind of happiness in sadness”, this way many people like to define the alien feeling of melancholy.

With Stroszek is like being alone in an old country house in a desolate but not hostile land, to come to terms with its past: memories followed by photos and chased by regrets, until we reflect and realize what we are instead. Questions always difficult to answer. The tracks on the album deftly flows and behind the seemingly elaborate but essentially gentle interweaving guitar, heavy thoughts seem to hide as a consciousness came to the showdown. In the central parts of some songs the guitar is more heavy, almost as if to underline a passage.

In conclusion, the work didn’t gave me great enthusiasm, certainly it is an introspective album and you can not avoid noting a certain repetitiveness, but I appreciated (as I often do) the courage of exploring non-conventional areas. It ‘s a risk, it is true, but often run it may be worth. If you are willing to grant you almost an hour of hints and thoughts, the notes of Songs Of Remorse can give you the right amount of courage to look back.


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