Nattefrost – Blood & Vomit
Nattefrost – Blood & Vomit

I state that I have always appreciated the Carpathian Forest, and their ability sadomasochistic-black, unique and original, in a landscape that now has very little to tell, and frankly I would have expected that the solo project of their leader, Nattefrost, resulting in a some bold experimentation or out of any canon or expectation just to vindicate his presence on my rich shelves, otherwise it would be worth taking it into consideration?

The cover and the title (able to shiver even a fan of extreme gore-grind …) do no more than convince me to stow even though hopes dim. The disc has a fairly short duration and there wasn’t much expectation from this point of view. While these minutes inexorably slide along the tracks, whose titles are more worthy of an exalted teenager rather than a mature musician, I realize my resignation grows. The vomit of our protagonist in “The art of spiritual purification” are so gaudy that they can not even disgust me or same goes for his piss taken directly from the bottom of latrine in “Nattefrost Takes a piss“, emblematic title for a 28 seconds track with the ambition to give some kind of sense of this “liberating gesture”.

Whether I approve the “necro-elite” and misanthropic vein Nattefrost expressed in a more fair and negative way inside the Carpathian Forest project,  I can not understand how he let himself go to a drift of this magnitude. We can bring up the tradition of primordial black-underground sound, but in that case I would say to exhume the first Darkthrone, the same way if you need some “smart” targeted violence I suggest you to brush up “Black Shining Lather” by the same Carpathian Forest: the best tracks of the album like “Mass Destruction” are influenced by the band, but the perverse malice, unique in its kind that characterizes them, eventually disappearing to the detriment of an unvarnished violence, which has no target but roams on the surface without shaking or let us imagine anything but just “blood and vomit”.

And if this is enough for you, so you are welcome to join in with this play, and maybe find immediate gratification in it … frankly, not for me.


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